Sketchbook Tour #8: Věra Tůmová

Hosted by Urban Sketchers Prague

Saturday, February 17 from 2:00 PM CET

In this event of the Sketchbook Tour Series, Věra will take us on a journey through her sketchbooks and creative process.

Date: Saturday, February 17th, 2024

Time: 2 pm (duration 2-3 hours)

Location: Prague (registered participants will receive an email with the exact location)

Capacity: 15 persons

Fee: Free

Registration at:

About Věra

Věra's journey to the urbansketching led through a progressive discovery of different artistic techniques, the discarding of many fears and internal dialogue. She loved painting since childhood, but somehow secretly, so she didn't let her passion for art out of the reins until her adulthood. And this path led her through various forms of studio painting to urban sketching, where she found herself completely.

Urbansketching, she believes, is the best way to capture the present moment, the atmosphere and emotions, and it frees the soul and can tell stories. She has fallen so far into it that she can no longer imagine a day when she leaves the house without her sketchbook, fountain pen and watercolours. She sketches more and more on her travels, as well as in the circus, theatre and concerts. Thanks to her profession as a journalist, her reports are no longer just in written form, but also in artistic form. Her sketchbooks are micro-reports from far and near places as well as diary records of everyday life.

"Urbansketching is a love and passion for me, and I enjoy infecting other people with it. Therefore, I try to inspire especially the youngest generation through workshops on urbansketching. To date, I have managed to run more than a hundred urbansketching workshops for children and teenagers from all over the world. However, I would like to pass on this passion to a little bit of everyone, because I believe that it develops not only artistic skills, but also mindfulness and the better parts of us."

About Sketchbook Tours

Sketchbook Tours is a series of events designed to stimulate learning from each other. The project is part of our mission to bring educational content to our members.

During each Sketchbook Tour, one urban sketcher will take us through their sketchbooks, offering us the unique opportunity to not only learn about their favorite mediums and techniques, but also understand the thoughts and design decisions behind their work.

We will hear the story of their artistic development, discover how they learn and what inspires them. And we will get to interact with them directly through questions and discussions in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment.

You can find an overview of the whole Sketchbook Tour Series here.

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