General Questions


What is Urban Sketchers Prague (USk Prague)?

Urban Sketchers Prague is the official chapter of the international organization Urban Sketchers (USk for short), a global community of people dedicated to the practice of on-location drawing.

To learn more about the organization’s history, vision, and guiding principles, watch this video interview with USk founder Gabriel Campanario.

Are there criteria for members to join the USk Prague Chapter?

Anyone who follows the USk manifesto may join our Chapter or any USk Regional Chapter. USk Chapters are not private clubs. We are community groups. Our chapters are free, open, and inclusive regardless of age, race, gender, and skill level.


Sketchwalk Questions


What is a USk Prague sketchwalk?

A USk Prague sketchwalk is a regular, free-of-charge event where our members (and people wanting to become members) get together at a specified location in Prague to draw from observation, following the manifesto of USk.

At the end of a sketchwalk, we have a show-and-tell session where everyone who wishes to can show the sketches they made during the event. 

After a sketchwalk, we usually go to a neighborhood cafe, pub, or park to hang out. We highly encourage our members to join these post-event social meetups to get to know and be inspired by each other.

What do I need to bring to a sketchwalk?

We do not provide any sketching materials. So you should bring your own sketching tools and sketchbook. If you prefer to draw sitting down, consider bringing a portable stool or a cushion.

And don’t forget to bring your enthusiasm.

Where can I find the time and location of the next sketchwalk?

A few days before each official sketchwalk, we announce its location, time and other details on our website's events section here and on our Facebook group here.

Can anybody join USk Prague sketchwalks?

Yes! Our sketchwalks are open to everyone who enjoys (or would like to enjoy) drawing and urban sketching. We welcome people of all skill levels and ages, and strive to make our events a safe-space for everyone to explore urban sketching.

Non-members, family, and friends are welcome to join our sketchwalks too.

Do you teach classes?

During our sketchwalks, no official instructions, critique, or tutoring is provided, but you can still pick up a lot of inspiration and tips from fellow urban sketchers.

We regularly organize official educational events (usually, free of charge) such as workshops, talks, and sketchbook tours for our members. We announce these events on our website’s homepage here.

How do I share my urban sketches with fellow urban sketchers?

Besides sharing them during our in-person post-sketchwalk meetups, you can post your urban sketches in our Facebook group here or your own Instagram with hashtag #urbansketchersprague.


Admin Questions


Can I announce an exhibition, workshop, or another event on the USk Prague website or USk Prague Facebook page?

No. We do not promote any events (whether paid or free) that are not officially authorized and endorsed by USk Prague. 

Can I use the USk logo or the USk Prague logo for my project?

No. The Urban Sketchers logo is displayed on official Urban Sketchers communications and merchandise as well as by approved Regional Chapters who follow the Urban Sketchers Mission and Manifesto like our USk Prague Chapter. Contact the USk team or the USk Prague team for permission to use their respective logos.

Can non-Admins create their own events on USk Prague’s Facebook feed?

No. The USk Prague Admin Team works hard to research and organize great events for you. You don’t want to compete with what the Admin Team is doing. Why not suggest your favorite location or event to your Admins so that they can consider scheduling it in with the other events they’re planning?

Of course, non-Admin members are always welcome to sketch alone or with others, and to post their sketches to our Facebook and Instagram feeds.

My question is not answered here. What should I do?

You are welcome to attend one of our upcoming sketchwalks where you can ask your question to an admin in person. Alternatively, join our Facebook group here, and privately message a group admin.

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