Sketchbook Tour #9: Danael Gabalová

Hosted by Urban Sketchers Prague

Saturday, April 6 from 2:00 PM CEST

In this event of the Sketchbook Tour Series, Danael will take us on a journey through her sketchbooks and creative process.

Date: Saturday, April 6th, 2024

Time: 2 pm (duration 2-3 hours)

Location: Prague (registered participants will receive an email with the exact location)

Capacity: 15 persons

Fee: Free

Registration at:

About Danael

"I was born and grew up in the city, in Bratislava, Slovakia. I spent the first three years and every weekend and holiday with my grandparents in the village, in the garden and among the animals.

I have held a pencil or crayon in my hand since I can remember. I drew what I saw, I copied great masters, I traced the letters from the postcards the family received, even though I still didn't know what they meant. Especially since the postcards were written in English. To this day, I don't know what was written there, but I still have the handwriting. Then I learned calligraphy in architecture, because I needed others to read my labels and comments.

My mother was a surveyor and she taught me to color evenly in layers and to follow the boundaries exactly. In architecture, I was taught to make clear, precise lines, right angles. They failed. My grandpa taught me how to draw cuts. I was taught not to use an eraser in the art school. That's what I'm left with.

My pictures are often a mixture of lines and layers that overlap, repeat, oppose, flow over each other. I try to capture fleeting moments that follow one another, things that change over time or in meaning. My notes are accompanied by portraits of the speakers, and the portraits are accompanied by notes. My sketchbooks are more diaries than paintings. There is a story behind every page, every picture. I would like to introduce you to some of them."

About Sketchbook Tours

Sketchbook Tours is a series of events designed to stimulate learning from each other. The project is part of our mission to bring educational content to our members.

During each Sketchbook Tour, one urban sketcher will take us through their sketchbooks, offering us the unique opportunity to not only learn about their favorite mediums and techniques, but also understand the thoughts and design decisions behind their work.

We will hear the story of their artistic development, discover how they learn and what inspires them. And we will get to interact with them directly through questions and discussions in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment.

You can find an overview of the whole Sketchbook Tour Series here.

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