Sketchbook Tour #4: Hana Alisa Omer

Hosted by Urban Sketchers Prague

Thursday, May 11 from 5:00 PM CEST

During this edition of the Sketchbook Tour series, Hana Alisa Omer took us on a journey through her sketchbooks and creative processes on the occasion ofher art exhibition. Here is the event report in the words of some of the attendees:

“I really like Hana’s infectiously cheerful attitude. Her large paintings have a deep spirituality, her sketches have a wonderful immediacy, and her drawings on colored paper have a painterly quality.” - Hanka

“I found this event enriching, and full of energy and harmony. Hana radiates a beautiful inner light with all colors of the spectrum. Her expressive sketches, with their lively atmosphere, evoke images of a mystical Prague.” - Simona

“Hana’s drawings captivated me with the way they bring precise details to life with expressive lines. They give the impression that nothing is static -- or in her own words:  everything “dances before our eyes”. Doodling  (or čmárání as she calls it) allows her to capture the mood and spirit of the places she visits, events she records, and meetings she has with friends. She deliberately chooses simple means - pencils and papers of various colors and qualities -- using them to take on new challenges with an openness and a distinctive temperament. Meeting her was an immensely inspiring experience for me.” - Milan

“The event at the Tibet Open House gave me another opportunity to enjoy Hana’s exhibition. Her paintings feature a wild mix of spirituality, mysticism, and symbolism, wrapped in mystery. Her sketches have a delightful variety and playfulness, and the ones she drew with crayons on colored paper are so impressive. Thank you Hana for all the inspiration, enriched even more by a demonstration of yoga and tai chi. Thank you Lenka for organising this event.” - Jana

About Hana Alisa

The leading line of my artwork of more than 50 years has been inspired by external changes and internal transformations in my life.

When 20 year old, I moved from communist Czechoslovakia to Israel, where after postgraduate studies in Betzalel Academy of art in Jerusalem besides pursuing my personal artwork I worked as a graphic designer and illustrator.

After my house, situated in an artist village in Israel, burned down in 2010 in a forest fire, I moved my life's center to Prague, which inspiring me with her unique beauty, history and mythology, caused the renewal of my creativity. 

Being a member of Urban Sketchers Prague since 2019, added even more to my love of this city. Thanks to joint sketching with the members of this group, I got to sketch interesting places, where I wouldn’t be able to get on my own.

About 2 years ago, I began to work on the subject of “Heavenly Prague” as a sequence to the cycle of visionary paintings of “Heavenly Jerusalem” (1994-2000).

Together with preparatory sketches this work is going to be exhibited at Tibet Open House between 4th - 25th May 2023.

I am inviting you to this special place in Prague 1, where I would like to show you sketches I made in numerous walks with USk Prague. Then we could also sketch together there.

About Sketchbook Tours

Sketchbook Tours is a series of events designed to stimulate learning from each other. The project is part of our mission to bring educational content to our members.

During each Sketchbook Tour, one urban sketcher will take us through their sketchbooks, offering us the unique opportunity to not only learn about their favorite mediums and techniques, but also understand the thoughts and design decisions behind their work.

We will hear the story of their artistic development, discover how they learn and what inspires them. And we will get to interact with them directly through questions and discussions in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment.

You can find an overview of the whole Sketchbook Tour Series here.

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