Sketchbook Tour #2: Lisa Purcell

Saturday, February 11 from 2:30 PM CET

Our second Sketchbook Tour, presented by Lisa, was another great success. Through her many small sketchbooks and minimal, lightweight materials as well as her clear explanations, Lisa showed us how she keeps herself always ready to sketch the places she visits and moments she experiences, filling up her sketchbooks with memories she can revisit time and again.

Lisa's presentation showed us how with just a small sketchbook and a pen, anyone can make urban sketching a part of their daily lives.

Thank you, Lisa, for an inspiring afternoon. And thank you everyone who participated in this event.

About Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa. I'm a former graphic designer who had lost the joy in making art, until a kind friend invited me to join Urban Sketchers Prague in 2017. Six years and sixteen sketchbooks later, the joy is definitely back.

My favourite medium is tiny sketchbooks. To me, they are visual diaries of quiet moments at home, and unique moments in faraway places. All my supplies must be compact, lightweight, and mess-free, since they follow me wherever I go. You may be surprised to learn that I don't find this at all limiting. I can fit everything I need into my everyday handbag, comfortably.

For me, art has become a very personal and private pursuit. I rarely posts anything online, and I'm determined to never again do art in a professional capacity. But this group of urban sketchers is really something special. I'm very grateful for their companionship and support over the last six years. I hope my sketchbook tour will bring joy to a few others, or give them insight on how to make art a joyful part of their lives... as the group did for me many years ago. Please join us!

About Sketchbook Tours

Sketchbook Tours is a series of events designed to stimulate learning from each other. The project is part of our mission to bring educational content to our members.

During each Sketchbook Tour, one urban sketcher will take us through their sketchbooks, offering us the unique opportunity to not only learn about their favorite mediums and techniques, but also understand the thoughts and design decisions behind their work.

We will hear the story of their artistic development, discover how they learn and what inspires them. And we will get to interact with them directly through questions and discussions in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment.

You can find an overview of the whole Sketchbook Tour Series here.

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