Workshop: People Drawing Series

26.5.2023 22:27

The Urban Sketchers Prague team is pleased to announce a series of educational events covering the exciting topic of drawing people from observation.

The events will take place throughout 2023, starting with an introductory Talk in February, followed by three full-day workshops in the coming months. All events will be free of charge but will require registration due to limited capacity.

Workshop instructor: Rajesh


Talk: People Drawing - Thoughts, Ideas, Processes

Saturday, February 18, 2023

During this talk, Rajesh will share through his sketchbooks the thoughts,ideas, and processes he uses for capturing people in their environments. He will also show example drawings from artists whose work inspires him. Among the topics we can look forward to during this event are: drawing individuals, small groups, large crowds, protests and demonstrations, ordinary people going about their lives, musicians, and people on the move.

The talk will include Q & A and discussions.

Please see the details and registration instructions here.


People Drawing Workshops

The three people drawing workshops will be led by Rajesh.

Workshop 1: People Drawing - Fundamentals

Saturday, April 29, 2023

During this workshop, participants will explore fundamental elements of drawing people from observation, such as:

• Basic structure of a human figure

• Basics of human body language

• Practical exercises to develop people drawing skills

Please see the details and registration instructions here.


Workshop 2: People Drawing - Groups, Crowds, People in Places

Saturday, June 10, 2023

During this workshop, we will explore drawing groups and crowds of people as well as depicting people in various settings. As with our first workshop, we will focus exclusively on observational drawing.


Workshop 3: People Drawing - People in Motion, People & Stories

Saturday, September, 2023

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