Summary of the Year 2023

23.1.2024 23:23

Year 2023 was full of great events!

The projects bellow were part of our mission to bring educational content to our members.


Pencil Painting
Pencil Painting

Pencil Painting by Paul Riley

talk & demo

March 2023

Paul introduced us to his concept of "Pencil Painting" and shared his experience with enthusiasm. His art of storytelling drew us all in. We also had an opportunity to go through Paul's sketchbooks and see that a graphite pencil alone can be enough to express colours, smells, mood weather etc. Each of us found some tips on how to express what we want to draw with more ease and looseness.




Storytelling by Tom Zahrádka


April 2023

Guided by Tom's vast experience, and his encouraging approach, the participants engaged in several creative exercises throughout the day, rediscovering their inner child along the way. Each participant created a unique and entertaining story which they sketched in their very own handmade zine.


People Drawing Series by Rajesh Dhawan

talk & 3 workshops

February, April, June & September 2023

Participants of this series of workshops went through a set of exercises that covered how to capture a position of the skeleton in the space, volume and feeling, what to look for when drawing couples and the chemistry between them, how to approach drawing groups and crowds and how to capture movement. Rajesh explained the exercises in simple ways and always did clear demo for better understanding. At the same time, there was space left for keeping or developing each participant's own style.

People Drawing Workshop #1
People Drawing Workshop #2
People Drawing Workshop #3


Sketchbook Tours

by Rui, Lisa, Jiří, Hana Alisa, Hana, Lucia

Sketchbook Tours is a series of events designed to stimulate learning from each other. During each Sketchbook Tour, one urban sketcher will take us through their sketchbooks, offering us the unique opportunity to not only learn about their favorite mediums and techniques, but also understand the thoughts and design decisions behind their work.

Each of the tours took the participants through the story of their artistic development, discovering how they learnt and what inspired them.

20230114 Rui Fe
20230211 Lisa Purcell
20230318 Jiří Zralý
20230511 Hana Alisa
20231021 Hana Danková
20231125 Lucia Šmídová


I would like to thank Paul Riley, Rajesh Dhawan and Tom Zahrádka who dedicated their time to us and shared their knowledge and challenged us during their workshops and talks. I also would like to thank Rui, Lisa, Jiří, Hana Alisa, Hana and Lucia for taking us on their creative journey during their Sketchbook Tours. And thanks to all of you that are coming to our events for creating a friendly and supportive environment! ❤️

Lenka / USk Prague

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