Aquarius Prague Sketch Fest

2.8.2022 09:23

Urban Sketchers (USk) Prague is excited to announce our third international sketching festival: Aquarius Prague Sketch Fest. We welcome people of all ages and skill levels to join us for nine sketch walks in nine days from September 17-25, 2022 in venues all over Prague. The festival is free of charge.

The sketch fest will start on Saturday, September 17 by a talk and demonstration of Aquarius watercolor paints by Roman Szmal. Aquarius took the world by storm - a new watercolor brand surprised by an exceptional quality for a reasonable price.

On Sunday, September 18, Maria Ginzburg, an established watercolor artist and the author of seven books published in Sweden, Finland and Czech Republic, will create a painting with Aquarius watercolors only.

On each day every participant will receive a free Aquarius watercolor pan - every day a different color. For those who will join us every day, it is a great opportunity to have a set of nine Aquarius watercolor pans for free.

We’ll meet for urban sketching at Prague landmarks like Prague Castle, New World or the French Embassy. Social gatherings will follow each weekend sketchwalk so we can share our sketchbooks, exchange tips and tricks, and discuss all things urban sketching.

We’re inviting our fellow urban sketchers from neighboring cities and countries like Berlin, Dresden, Pilsen, Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, and Poland to come and experience the amazing sketching opportunities here in Prague.

Schedule (No registration required, you can find meeting points and times in the event descriptions):

  • Sat Sep 17, 3-6pm, Meet Roman Szmal, FB or Meetup
  • Sun Sep 18, 10-1pm, Maria Ginzburg Show, FB or Meetup
  • Mon Sep 19, 2-5pm, French Embassy, FB or Meetup
  • Tue Sep 20, 4-7pm, Karlovo náměstí, FB or Meetup
  • Wed Sep 21, 3-6pm, Janáčkovo nábřeží, FB or Meetup
  • Thu Sep 22, 10-1pm, Prague Castle, FB or Meetup
  • Fri Sep 23, 2-5pm, Portheimka, FB or Meetup
  • Sat Sep 24, 2-5pm, Nový Svět, FB or Meetup
  • Sun Sep 25, 10-1pm, Valdštejnská zahrada, FB or Meetup

Aquarius Prague Sketch Fest is organized by Jan Vítek, Maria Ginzburg and Lenka Kýrová from USk Prague.

We want to see your work! Post your sketches on our USk Prague Facebook group and on Instagram tagged with #UrbanSketchersPrague so we can share them on our @urbansketchersprague account. You’re also welcome to use #AquariusPragueSketchFest to tag all your posts during the festival.

We can’t wait to sketch together with you in Prague!

Aquarius Prague Sketch Fest Leaflet (click to enlarge)
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